Formal end of Unbundled University research project

The Unbundled University project has formally come to an end. The project was funded by the ESRC (UK) and NRF (South Africa) with funding ending in 2018 and 2019 respectively. Therefore, this website will be archived over the coming months, and the only additional resources added will be research outputs as they get published.

We are uploading the video resources from the Unbundled University online course to the website, to provide on-going access to these materials. Other outputs such as talks and reports from the projects will also be added.

The project team continue to work on the project in their spare time, and continue to speak about the intersection of unbundling, digitisation and marketisation at national and international conferences as well as other events. The discussion about new forms of teaching and learning provision, unbundling and the role of external private companies in the growth of online education at universities is going strong, and it is critical that it continues to receive scholarly attention. We feel privileged to have been able to conduct research on these topics over the last few years. In particular, we hope that the question of how inequality in higher education is shaped and reformed by the intersection of these forces will continue to be on the research agenda of higher education scholars.

To keep up to date with research and outputs from the investigators on the team, you can follow us on Twitter:

Laura Czerniewicz @Czernie

Neil Morris @neilmorrisleeds

Sukaina Walji @sukainaw

Bronwen Swinnerton @bronswinnerton

Alan Cliff @alan_cliff_CILT

Rada Mogliacci @RadaMogliacci

We are grateful to all members of the research team who have worked with us on this project, and to the dedicated members of the advisory board who have actively supported the work. Heartfelt thanks to the many educators, researchers, commentators, private companies and interested parties around the world who have engaged with the project as interviewees, respondents, reviewers, writers and in many other roles

We remain committed to the important issues that have been surfaced through this research project and hope they will be taken up by the wider community.

With best wishes for the future

Laura & Neil

October 2019