Rebecca Swartz

Dr Rebecca Swartz is a Postdoctoral Researcher on the Unbundling Higher Education Project, based at the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching at the University of Cape Town. Previous research has focused on comparative histories of education in the nineteenth century British Empire. Her background is in history, with a specific focus on histories of education. Previously, Rebecca was a postdoc in the department of Historical Studies at UCT, where she taught and researched South African histories. Rebecca is interested in the potential of online learning to address educational inequalities in Southern Africa.

Recent publications

Rebecca Swartz, ‘“Good citizens and gentlemen”: Gender, reputation and identity at the South African College, 1880-1910’, South African Historical Journal 68(4) (2016), 517-535.

Rebecca Swartz and Johan Wassermann, ‘“Britishness”, colonial governance and education: St Helenian children in colonial Natal in the 1870s’, Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History 44(6) (2016), 881-899.

Peter Kallaway and Rebecca Swartz (eds.) Empire and Education in Africa: The Shaping of a Comparative Perspective (New York: Peter Lang, 2016).