Carlo Perrotta

Carlo is University Academic Fellow in digital learning. Before joining the University of Leeds he was a Research Associate at the Institute of Education in London and a researcher at Futurelab, a non-for-profit research organisation that explored the potential of digital technology in formal education. Carlo is interested in educational technology and his background is in social psychology, sociology and cultural theory. He has published about a variety of topics including teacher beliefs, the datafication of education and the use of video games in schools. Since 2014 Carlo has been exploring trends in “massively open” education (MOOCs). His work on the marketisation of education and unbundling, of which MOOCs are one aspect, draws on the sociology of cultural consumption and material-semiotic perspectives. Through the study ‘the Unbundled University’, Carlo aims to explore the connections between research in educational technology and other areas of sociological inquiry.

Recent publications and work in progress:

Perrotta, C., Czerniewicz, L. and Beetham, H., 2015. The rise of the video-recorder teacher: the sociomaterial construction of an educational actor. British Journal of Sociology of Education, pp.1-17.

Perrotta, C. and Williamson, B., 2016. The social life of Learning Analytics: cluster analysis and the ‘performance’of algorithmic education. Learning, Media and Technology, pp.1-14.

Perrotta. C. The marketisation of education in the digital age: a sociological analysis of students as consumers in MOOCs (under review)

Further information about Dr Carlo Perrotta is available here.