Alan Cliff

Alan Cliff is an Associate Professor and co-ordinator of the Staff Development cluster at CILT. He teaches courses in educational psychology, educational assessment and adult education to mostly postgraduate education students and convenes courses in educational assessment and evaluation for students at certificate, diploma and master’s levels. Alan has supervised master’s and PhD students in areas such as the development of literacies practices in disciplinary contexts; the validation of standardised admissions tests; the use of alternate admissions tests for admission and placement purposes; and factors that facilitate the development of electronic systems literacy in the workplace. As co-ordinator, Alan contributes to work on alignment between curriculum and student assessment, with new and established academics and professional staff. Regionally, Alan teaches courses on assessment design and academic literacy. His current research interests are in the use of theories and principles of Dynamic Assessment to facilitate student learning; and in the processes of staff development as ‘literacies practice’ and induction into professional learning communities. Alan contributes to the development of educational assessment policy in the further and higher education sectors nationally.

Recent publications

Wadee, A.A. & Cliff, A. (2016). Pre-admission tests of learning potential as predictors of academic success of first-year medical students. South African Journal of Higher Education, 30 (2), 264 – 278.

Fleisch, B., Schöer, V. & Cliff, A. (2015). When Signals are Lost in Aggregation: A Comparison of Language Marks and Competencies of Entering University Students. South African Journal of Higher Education, 29 (5), 156 – 178.

Cliff, A. (2015). The National Benchmark Test in Academic Literacy: How might it be used to support teaching in higher education? Language Matters, 46 (1), 3 – 21.

Cliff, A. (2014). Entry-level students’ reading abilities and what these abilities might mean for academic readiness. Language Matters, 45 (3), 313 – 324.

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